Free Drive-In Movies Tonight in Rockville!

Free Drive-In Movies Tonight in Rockville!


DC party box is offering a one night exclusive thank you to the community! The thank you includes free movies to all Saturday night showings this weekend. The codes below can be used to purchase tickets (free) for our three upcoming shows:


Coupon codes to purchase tonight’s movies:


Arctic Dogs @ 5pm
Code: BIGthanksarctic


Rampage @ 7pm
Code: BIGthanksrampage


Cocktail @ 9:45pm
Code: BIGthankscocktail


There will be plenty of new concessions, beer, wine, and more. Get your free tickets here:

2 Comments on "Free Drive-In Movies Tonight in Rockville!"

  1. I didn’t see a section for a promotional code during the checkout process

  2. Yohana Guerrero | November 14, 2020 at 4:50 pm | Reply

    The links are not working.

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