Gaithersburg-Based Novavax Releases Covid Vaccine Trial Data

Gaithersburg-Based Novavax Releases Covid Vaccine Trial Data

Novavax conducted a 15,000-person trial in the United Kingdom, and their early analysis suggests 90 percent efficacy after a two-dose regimen. The two vaccines that have received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), Pfizer and Moderna, have 95 percent and 94 percent efficacy after two doses, respectively. Unlike Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines, which require varying levels of freezer storage, the Novavax vaccine is stable long-term in the refrigerator.

Less promising news comes from Novavax’s small trial in South Africa. Their vaccine is much less effective against the B.1.351 Covid mutation running rampant in the country; Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines are also less effective against this variant.

Earlier this year, Novavax was one of six companies to receive a grant ($1.6 billion) from Operation Warp Speed, a federal initiative to speed up the development and production process. If the FDA grants EUA, Novavax is expected to provide 100 million doses to the US and hundreds of millions abroad.

By Prayag Gordy


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