Gaithersburg Featured Briefly (sort of) in New Blockbuster Documentary 


Gaithersburg Featured Briefly (sort of) in New Blockbuster Documentary


In the 2020 documentary The Last Blockbuster, now available on Netflix, you can briefly see a return envelope with a Gaithersburg address.

The envelope is from the last days of Blockbuster when they attempted to follow the Netflix model of mail order renting.

Photo Credit: @_mdansani_

Strangely, 20897 is actually the zip code for Aspen Hill, MD.

While we have plenty of fond memories of the local Blockbusters, here at The MoCoShow we were always particularly fond of Erol’s.

Erol Onaran, a Turkish immigrant, started a video rental and electronic sales and repair company in the DMV area in the early 80s. The company, which reached 250 stores on the east coast, was sold to Blockbuster Video for $40 million in the early 90s. Click here for more on the history of Erol’s.

Last year we asked, “aside from Blockbuster, where else did you rent movies from in Montgomery County?” on Facebook. Check out some of the responses below:

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