Gaithersburg High School Hosted Its Annual “Special Education Prom” Inviting Students From Watkins Mill This Year

by MCS Staff

Gaithersburg High School hosted its annual Special Education Prom on Thursday, May 18 from 4-6pm. SGA sponsor Nilda Keres told us the event was founded in 2018 when the school noticed that many students with special needs weren’t attending general prom. “This was a chance to have a prom where students can just be themselves.” Keres said (photos below).

“This is my favorite time of year and event to plan. The students have such a great time and that’s what this is all about.” Keres told us. Students attending the prom were able to get ready during the day, with other students from the school’s cosmetology program doing their hair and makeup during the school day. There was no cost to any of the students and this year, Gaithersburg invited students from nearby Watkins Mill High School, providing a bus for Watkins Mill to get to GHS. The funding for the event was provided by the Gaithersburg SGA.

“I’m hoping this will grow and maybe more schools will attend and we can get sponsors to help fund our great event. We have many student and staff volunteers to help us and I am thankful for every single one of them.” Keres added.


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