Gaithersburg Man Succumbs to December Fire Injuries


Gaithersburg Man Succumbs to December Fire Injuries

Photo Courtesy Max Wohlschlegel

An adult male rescued from a December 2nd house fire has died, according to MCFRS PIO Pete Piringer. 

Shortly after 11PM, fire crews responded to the 800 block of Bayridge Drive in the Fernshire Farms development in Gaithersburg for a house fire.

Firefighters rescued the man from the basement shortly before a portion of the first floor collapsed into the basement. He was transported to the hospital with significant burns and succumbed to his injuries on December 31st.

Two other individuals inside the burning home escaped unharmed. The cause of the fire was preliminarily believed to have been an improperly placed space heater which ignited combustible materials nearby.

A bedroom door left open allowed the fire to quickly spread. Closed bedroom doors save lives when fires occur overnight. Closed doors contain smoke and fire, increasing time available to evacuate or be rescued.



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  1. First off I think it’s insensitive and cruel to publish this article when a family just lost someone literally two days ag

    • Hi Carla,

      We are very sorry for the family’s loss. This information was made public by Montgomery County Fire and Rescue, which is where the information for the article comes from.


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