Gaithersburg “Must” List and Brawling Bear Brewery Tasting (Friday, 12/7)


Image courtesy of Maxence LeFort

Join me as I explore what makes Gaithersburg a great place to live and play through the Gaithersburg Must List, this Friday, 12/7 at 7pm.

I’ve lived in Gaithersburg for over 30 years (three different areas) and will take you through a brief history of the city, a trip down memory lane that will include all of the great things that used to be in Gaithersburg, and everything that’s here today that you must try!

It will also be paired with a tasting from Brawling Bear Brewery, so there will be plenty to enjoy this Friday!

Get your tickets here (just $10):

The Gaithersburg Community Museum is putting a new twist on nightlife in Gaithersburg with its After Hours program.

Doors open after the sun sets and visitors can enjoy the museum in a whole new way with presentations and lively discussion with local historians, authors, and scientists. All programs are held in the museum’s historic 1953 RDC railcar (9 South Summit Ave).

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