George’s Hotpot & BBQ Update and Boca Botanas Adding Outdoor Patio

Photo Courtesy of @BocaBotanas (Instagram)

Yesterday I stopped by George’s Hotpot & BBQ in the Diamond Square shopping center in Gaithersburg and noticed the door was open during construction of the space.

I was told that they’re still likely a few months away from being ready to go (photo available below), so I expect the Korean style bbq and Asian Hotpot restaurant to open at some point this upcoming winter. It’s located next to Silk Road Choyhona.

One of my favorite tapas spots, hidden gem Boca Botanas, has started construction on their outdoor patio.

Located in the Festival shopping center in Gaithersburg, you’ll soon be able to enjoy your favorite tapas and cocktails al fresco on their beautiful green patio.

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