Glenstone Museum Keeps Community Engaged While Closed

by MCS Staff

Even though Glenstone is currently closed, the Potomac art museum has created ways to allow the community to visit from home.  They are hosting facebook live discussions with their Guides, are sharing photos of current works, and are transforming some of their exhibits so that  viewers at home can share in the experience. One of their interactive exhibits is an installation by artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres, which consists of a pile of fortune cookies assembled in the corner of the museum.  Glenstone explains what the traditional in-person experience would look like and how they have changed the process so folks at home can participate.

“In ordinary days, visitors would be able to take a cookie for themselves, read their fortune, and contemplate Gonzalez-Torres’ work and the questions it raises: how has this moment shifted our perceptions of public space? What does this work mean if you cannot be physically near it to take a cookie? How can we make and experience art across physical and digital boundaries?

In the spirit of the work, if you leave a 🥠 in the comments of this post from now until July 5, 2020, when this exhibition ends, we will respond with a random fortune taken from the one of the cookies in our pile.”

Visitors can check out the Glenstone facebook page here to have a look at the photos that they have posted and to interact with the Fortune Cookie Corner exhibit:




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