Glenstone Museum Will Reopen Grounds March 4th


Glenstone Museum Will Reopen Grounds March 4th

Glenstone Museum, located at 12100 Glen Rd in Potomac, will reopen its grounds on Thursday, March 4th. The modern art museum will be offering an “outdoor-only experience” as well as reopening their outdoor dining area.

Glenstone will be open Thursday through Sunday from 10AM-5PM.  Admission, which is free, can be scheduled at According to MyMCMedia, March and April dates have already sold out.

The museum grounds feature close to 300 acres of of trails and paths that have been integrated with sculptures and exhibits.

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A list of the COVID-19 precautionary measures can be found here.

In a press release, Glenstone Director Emily Rales said, “We welcome the community to return to Glenstone to explore the grounds and outdoor sculptures, while continuing to keep themselves and their neighbors safe.”


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