Good Intent Call for Overturned Kayak Ends Up Being Debris in Potomac River

by MCS Staff

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue (MCFRS) units were called the scene of what was initially thought to be an overturned kayak in the area of the O Deck at Great Falls Park Tavern at approximately 4pm on Thursday afternoon, according to MCFRS Chief Spokesperson Pete Piringer.

A passerby saw what they believed to be an overturned kayak in the Potomac River and quickly made a good intent call to 911 alerting them of the scene. Swift water rescue boats were deployed for the technical rescue and a U.S. Park Eagle helicopter assisted, eventually finding what turned out to be other debris. The water remained at high levels yesterday with a strong current that brought plenty of debris to the area. Portions of the river remained closed throughout the day due to previous flooding. Several boats and the helicopter remained on the scene to survey the area.


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