Governor Hogan Announces Every County School System is Authorized to Open, MCPS Responds

by MCS Staff

Governor Hogan Announces Every County School System is Authorized to Open, MCPS Responds

Earlier today Governor Hogan announced that every county school system in Maryland is now fully authorized to begin safely reopening, as a result of health metrics across the state.

He tweeted “The authority to reopen continues to rest with county school systems, but nearly everyone agrees that there is no substitute for in-person instruction. It is essential that we all work together on flexible hybrid plans to safely get some of our kids back into classrooms.”

“Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon urges local school systems to reevaluate their modes of instruction at the end of the first quarter. The state is making $10 million in grant funding available to help systems that are able to move toward in-person instruction.”

MCPS has issued a statement responding to Governor Hogan:

“We thank Governor Larry Hogan and State Superintendent Karen Salmon for their guidance on the return to in-person instruction for local school districts. However, we are deeply disappointed by the last-minute announcement of this critical information for school systems. MCPS will begin the school year in a virtual-only instructional model on August 31, as scheduled. We know many in our community will have questions about what this new guidance means for our students. Please allow us time to thoughtfully assess these important developments and continue to prepare for a successful start to the school year.

As we shared earlier this month, we are working with county health officials on a process that will allow us to bring in small groups of students, such as students in specific special education programs. The Board of Education will meet in the coming weeks to continue to discuss a plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Our focus remains on the academic needs and health and safety of our students and staff.”


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Dave Ha August 28, 2020 - 9:59 am

Remote learning was a failure in the Spring and nothing MCPS has done makes any rational person think otherwise.

MCPS is keeping schools closed until February because the Teacher’s Union told them to. And from what I have seen, the teachers are not lock step with this decision. Frankly, I think it’s about half that want to go back.

Stay Home August 28, 2020 - 10:39 am

I think you’re being extremely harsh on a system that wasn’t meant to be remote that was forced into a last minute situation and tried to make the best of it. And would love to know your numbers on that half that want to go back. You can always pull your child from MCPS and put them in private or stop complaining and do your part as a parent to fill in the gaps of your child’s education Dave! But that takes work and it’s harder then pointing blame.

Dave Ha August 31, 2020 - 9:37 am

Harsh? No, I am discussing the reality of it. The Spring was awful, but as you stated it was rushed and understandable, but the problem is that MCPS has no intention of opening until February. They could have come up with a more reliable plan.

The Maryland Constitution actually requires that all minors get an education and right now that is not happening and MCPS is not even trying. That’s right, the State Constitution guarantees that our kids be educated, so why should parents look to private schools for something they are paying for in taxes, that is an actual right?

MCPS had a hybrid plan ready to go, and the teacher’s stated it can’t happen. As for the numbers MCPS released their survey results showing 48% of parents wanted the kids to go back full time, and 92% of the teachers were not prepared to go back.

Suburbs of other major cities are going back with the hybrid model. We should have done the same…and if a kid tests positive, close that school for 2 weeks. You do not need to close every school in the County. Allow the kids to return.


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