Governor Hogan Vetoes Bills On School Start Date and $15 Minimum Wage

by MCS Staff
As expected, Governor Larry Hogan vetoed a bill that would allow Maryland school districts to decide when their school year would begin and a bill that would increase minimum wage to $15 an hour for the entire state of Maryland.

Since the General Assembly passed the bills by veto-proof margins, it is expected that a vote will take place in the coming days to override the governor’s veto.

In 2016, Hogan’s executive order mandated that all Maryland public schools must start after after Labor Day and end by June 15th. If the override occurs, the new bill would allow school districts to start prior to Labor Day, as MCPS has done in recent years prior to the executive order.

Montgomery County already has a plan in place to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour for employees of all businesses by 2024 (2021 for employees of large businesses and 2023 for employees mid-size businesses).

The state minimum wage is currently at $10.10 an hour. Governor Hogan proposed an increase to $12.10 an hour that would allow for increases if surrounding states were to do the same. Currently, Pennsylvania and Virginia’s minimum wage is $7.25, Delaware is at $8.25. D.C. is at $13.25 per hour and will increase to $15 on July 1st, 2020.


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