Head Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach at Magruder High School Announces Retirement After 30 Years

by Patrick Herron

Head Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach at Magruder High School Scott Zanni announced his retirement today. Zanni has been coaching high school volleyball for 30 years, with the last 27 being at Magruder in Derwood.  In 2019, the Magruder Varsity Girls team won the 3A state championship with a 25-0 record. Below is the resignation letter he submitted to Magruder Principal Dr. Leroy Evans:

“After 30 rewarding years serving as a high school volleyball coach, I have decided the time is right for me to retire as the varsity volleyball coach at Colonel Zadok Magruder High School. Coaching student athletes has been among the most gratifying and enjoyable experiences of my life and I will be forever thankful. However, I believe now is the time for me to step away from a sport that has given me so much and take on new challenges and new experiences, both inside and outside of Montgomery County Public Schools.

During the past 30 years (three at Einstein and the last 27 at Magruder), I’ve been blessed to coach some of the most amazing student-athletes in MCPS. I am certain I will miss the day-to-day interactions with my players, the shared hard work of pushing toward team goals and the camaraderie that comes from high school sports.

To the players I’ve coached, the journey has been a true pleasure, one that has been more rewarding than I ever dreamed possible. During my first years at Einstein High School, I was fortunate to have so many wonderfully talented student-athletes to work with. I learned a great deal about being a coach and have fond memories of my time there.

The last 27 years at Magruder have flown by. My first team at Magruder set the tone and foundation for the teams and success that followed. There are so many positively vivid recollections. Together, we developed a winning culture where teammates supported each other both on and off the court. Players grew into young adults and developed long-term friendships. Each season, our teams were filled with remarkable student-athletes who worked hard and made coaching the enjoyable endeavor it has been for 30 years. During big matches, our home gym rocked with a 1000 screaming fans. Yet equally enjoyable were the quiet moments of a shared laugh, smile or amusing moment. Taken together, it is a record of excellence with 24 straight winning seasons and numerous championship moments. Those who have played here at Magruder have much to be proud of.

There are many who have supported Magruder volleyball that deserve a great deal of thanks. My family, especially my wife Meredith, has always supported our program, cheered on our teams and provided unwavering support. My longtime assistant coach, Geoff Demitz, has volunteered for over 20 years and been an instrumental part of our success. He is one of the longest serving, most beloved and successful assistant coaches in the history of Magruder athletics. I’ve been blessed to have six different JV coaches, each who brought their own unique talents and coaching style. Jack Graham hired me as a teacher and coach at Magruder and cheered on our early success. Our current principal, Dr. Leroy Evans, has been among our biggest fans these last 20 years. Magruder Athletic Directors Rick Grimsley, Karl Heimbach and Silas Cheung each supported our program so that we have among the best training facilities and equipment in the county.

There is never an ideal time to step away from a job you have enjoyed for so long. But after much consideration, I believe this is the right time. I am eager for new challenges and adventures. I will forever be a supporter of Magruder athletics and especially Magruder volleyball. Thank you to all who have supported our program.

Scott Zanni”


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