Help Name the New Olney Baseball Team (Cal Ripken League)


Back in March we let you know that the Olney Boys and Girls Community Sports Association, in conjunction with Koa Sports, worked out an agreement to bring a baseball team playing in the Cal Ripken Baseball League to the Olney area in the summer of 2022.

Now you have the opportunity to help name the team!

If you’re interested in providing your input on the name of the team, fill out this brief form.

The team will compete in the prestigious Cal Ripken Collegiate League and will host high level Collegiate players from all over the country.

They will open in summer of 2022 and will be playing at OBGC.



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  2. My pick would be the The Nurserymen. The City of Olney, Buckinghamshire, England had a soccer team called the Nurserymen which dissolved after 100 years in 2018. Plus Olney has a few nurseries in the City.

  3. I seem to remember the Boys’ Club football teams went by “Bears” or “Golden Bears” (colors… black and yellow). Personally, I think “Quakers” would be great, as the ballpark sits on Falling Green, a Brooke (Quaker) property. Maybe even “The Fighting Quakers”, as the brother of the Brooke that built Falling Green, Col. Richard Brooke, was read out of the Sandy Spring Meeting for fighting in the American Revolution.

  4. Olney Fans, obviously

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