Hocus Pocus: MoCo Connection

by MCS Staff

Hocus Pocus has been a Halloween favorite for a couple decades now, but did you know there’s a MoCo connection in the 1993 film?

Not quite as big of a connection as the Sanderson sisters graduating from a local high school, but something fun nonetheless.

Sean Murray, the actor who portrayed Thackery Binx (as a cat and later as a human), was born at Bethesda Navy Hospital.

He grew up on several military bases, so he didn’t spend too much time in MoCo aside from his very early years.

In addition to his role as Thackery Binx, Murray is known for his role as Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS and his role as Danny Walden in the military drama series JAG.

Halloweentown star, Kimberly J. Brown, is also from MoCo. Read about that here.



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