Humans of MoCo: Anthony Nguyen (Silver Spring/Germantown)


By Ambika Narula

As a child, Anthony Nguyen (born in Silver Spring – current resident of Germantown) never thought he would work in the field of higher education.

However, the opportunity managed to find it’s way into his life as he is currently working as a staff member at Montgomery College (Rockville) Writing, Reading, and Language Center, where he works closely with students and faculty on a daily basis.

“When I was in elementary school, the teacher asked us what we wanted to be or do when we grew up. I remember not wanting to be a teacher or be in an educational setting. I simply couldn’t imagine being in school for longer hours than the students. Instead, I imagined being an astronaut, an air force pilot, a firefighter, or something that was considered “cool.” Fast forward to the present, and here I am. Now, I feel like I am able to utilize my unique experiences growing up to share with and empower others. I’ve been in higher education ever since I graduated high school (Northwest HS). Not only as a student, but as a student employee, and eventually, a staff member. Serving others, especially students, is one of the things I’ve become passionate about. Outside of that, I’ve also been a 3rd-grade teacher for a non-profit in Washington D.C. and an assistant high school football coach in the county (Blair HS),” Nguyen said.

Interestingly, Nguyen’s dream is to, “travel the world to meet all different kinds of people, educate and empower others, try new foods, and visit all the touristy spots, as well as unique locations not seen by many. Nguyen also added, “Overall, I’m passionate about developing people. I’ve been able to do that through teaching and coaching and would like to continue to explore avenues to do that in more significant ways. I feel that starting an organization or entrepreneurship is also something I can see myself venturing into, in the future.”

As a Vietnamese—American, Nguyen believes that based on the diversity that MoCo offers, Vietnamese immigrants would enter a welcoming community.

“I feel that Montgomery County is very diverse and central to everything. I would definitely recommend Vietnamese and others of different backgrounds to settle within the county. There are various Vietnamese restaurants sprinkled throughout the county and also organizations within the Vietnamese community that host events throughout the year. One of the staple events is the annual Lunar New Year Festival, known as Tết or Vietnamese New Year, which is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. For the last several years, it has been hosted at Northwood High School,” Nguyen said.

Anthony Nguyen offered some advice to those struggling to find their passion, “Though I am still exploring and expanding my passions, I’ve been fortunate to taste some of the things that I love. I think it is one of the most fulfilling feelings to be able to do something you love, while positively contributing to individuals and the community around you. For those who don’t know what their passions are yet, find a variety of ways to involve in activities, events, or organizations that you are interested in. While doing so, eventually something will click, discovering your love. Once that is realized, then find ways to make a positive impact and share that with others. That’s the greatest way to live” Nguyen said.

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