Humans of MoCo: Fatemeh Paryavi (Rockville)

by MCS Staff

Photo courtesy of Bahareh Farahifar

By: Ambika Narula

Fatemeh Paryavi has been through a few changes throughout her life.

However, regardless of these changes, MoCo will always be her home. Born in Rockville, she lived there for 5 years before moving to Iran for a year and then Dubai before returning home to MoCo, in Rockville at the age of 13.

“I’ve lived here for a long time since the eight-year gap; however, I don’t think much has changed. New buildings are built, and roads are fixed up. MoCo’s still the same; it’s so diverse. Culturally, scenery wise, city wise. It’s really got it all,” Paryavi said.

While living in Dubai, Paryavi had the opportunity to experience homeschooling. After finishing up elementary school (Dubai), my parents decided that homeschooling would allow me to get an education with the benefit of time. It allowed me to learn so many other skills aside from school necessities, and it also allowed me to take more courses and finish school in a shorter period of time.

​“After homeschooling, my family and I moved back to MoCo, and I went to high school here– at Churchill. There was a shock, since it had been three years since I had gone to a public school, and it took me a while to adjust; however, my time in high school ended up being pretty good. From there, I attended two years at the community college (MC) before attending the University of Maryland, College Park,” Paryavi said.

At UMD, Paryavi is currently majoring in Multi-platform Journalism with a minor in Computer Science.

“I’ve always loved writing and researching, and considering the fact so much of our time is being spent with technology by the day. My dream job is becoming a lawyer. And I do intend on becoming one in the future, however, for the moment, I really enjoy journalism, and I want to pursue a career in this field,” Paryavi said.

Fatemeh Paryavi is a passionate young student with big dreams and goals, she is recommends homeschooling to students and is open to staying in MoCo in the future.


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