Humans Of MoCo: Shanila Raghubir

By Ambika Narula

In recent years, Montgomery County has gone through some changes. New roads, communities, and companies have become added features to the county we love. However, regardless of the new changes, the county remains a special place in many resident’s hearts.

Shanila Raghubir, born in Takoma Park had experienced her life in Moco in different places such as Silver Spring, Wheaton, Burtonsville (Paint Branch High school), and Layhill. As a resident, she is grateful to experience the diversity that county offers.

“My favorite part of Moco is the diversity – the fact that we are right in the middle of DC and Baltimore, you can choose where you want to go. It’s a small area, everyone knows everyone, or you will find someone that has mutual friends,” she said.
Throughout her life, Raghubir has challenged herself to advance in her career and learning opportunities. At the moment, Raghubir works as a “cold hire” as a legal assistant at Anderson & Quinn-Litigation law firm.

However, before her time at the firm she worked in administration at several hospitals over the span of 10 years. Her line of worked included taking people’s insurances, payments, looking at eligibility, benefits, etc.

“I learned a lot about stuff, I didn’t know what happened on the “back end,” and how difficult insurance companies are,” she said.

As a legal assistant, Raghubir can use her knowledge about insurance companies when it comes to appeals, regulations, and laws. Raghubir expressed a passion for legal assistance, “It’s different every day,” she exclaimed excitedly.

Raghubir parents came to Moco as immigrants and struggled. As a result, they have come become the most influential people in their daughter’s life.
“The fact that they survived so well and established themselves a little bit in America, says a lot,” said Raghubir.

Shanila Raghubir is a proud Moco resident and is grateful for its opportunities. “Even if I ever have to move, to another county or even another state. Moco will always be my home,” she said.

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