Humans Of MoCo: Steve Solomon (Silver Spring)

By Ambika Narula

“I’m not a huge radio star like I dreamed about as a kid, but I’m working in radio and have for many years… I’m able to pay the bills at least a little bit and still do something I love,” Solomon said.

At a young age, Steve Solomon dreamt about becoming a radio personality and has achieved that dream as a professional radio host of seventeen years; working under the same station and boss, who believed in him when Solomon first started out in radio at twenty-four.

“I think I been doing okay in radioI like what I am doing, and I work with good people. I like them, and I think they like me. We have fun,” Solomon said.

Solomon is a lifelong Montgomery County resident and has lived in such as places as Four cornerswhere he was born, Wheaton, Bethesda and Silver Spring – where he currently resides.

“I lived in the same ten-mile radius my entire life. It’s nice, I have seen a lot of different neighborhoods and worked in various areas. You could spend your whole life in MoCo tryingto eat in every restaurant and not succeed. I love it here, which is why I stayed,” Solomon chuckled.
This past summer, Solomon decided to run for county council as one of the thirty – three democratic candidates.

“It [local politics] really interested me, and I didn’t know much about it, and I saw how much good they [politicians] do for the county and how much influence and power they could have to change things. Do good for the people. I thought if I ever made a little name for myself in radio, I’ll try to add that into my life. So, I tried, and it was very interesting and eye-opening. I learned a lot about various parts of local government and about the county and met a lot of wonderful people. It was a cool experience, that most people don’t choose to do,” Solomon said.

Steve Solomon hopes to continue his life in MoCo and to work as a radio host and producer. As a proud lifelong Moco resident and previous candidate for county council, Solomon offered some advice for anyone hoping to achieve their dreams.

“Whatever you’re interested in, just make sure you work hard at it. Find different avenues or ways to do it and get someone’s attention and how someone that you are able to do it,” Solomon said.

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