Iconic Building for Sale in Silver Spring


On October 7th of 2019 we broke the sad news of Woodside Deli closing its Silver Spring location after seven decades of serving the community.

The building has remained vacant since that time without much news, but was recently put up for sale.

You can purchase the iconic 2,365 square foot building, located on 9329 Georgia Avenue, for $1.5 million, according to a listing on commercial real estate website LoopNet.

Woodside Deli still operates at 4 N Washington Street in Rockville. A Germantown location, which hasn’t been affiliated with the original Woodside Deli for years, is also still open at 13048 Middlebrook Road.

Features photo courtesy of LoopNet.


9 Comments on "Iconic Building for Sale in Silver Spring"

  1. Shame

  2. Sorry but this place is in serious disrepair. IMO that whole block should be torn down. Eyesore.

  3. Hmmm, eyesore…? “Urban Renewal” efforts when I was a youngster regularly meant mindlessly tearing down old businesses to let developers bring us the retail uniformity most of us have us have come to regret. Hope someone has a better vision for the place.

    • Woodside Deli was a great local spot for good deli food and people watching. We need places like this to keep neighborhoods vibrant. The building itself is a dump. Someone will tear it down and build a new building. Money is the name of the game!

  4. Please revive with a kosher restaurant. That would be so great! Woodside Kosher Deli. I haven’t the money to do it but I’m willing to bet it would do well.

  5. Some of us see beauty in old somewhat scruffy places. Not all growth is progress. It was a very sad thing to see it shut down. Hopefully another deli could come there, but with the way Mo Co is today, the county will want to tear it down and monetize the whole block. Folks, what is called “development “ is monetizing. That means, “Hey, we need to get more dollars per square foot out of this land.” This has NOTHING to do with progress.

  6. I grew up in Montgomery Hills, 50s and 60’s. The Woodside deli was the hangout for many teens. Steve Haris and his wife were great people and served great food. They may tear it down but my memories will always be there.

  7. When I was in college in DC in the early ’80, we would drive from Foggy Bottom just to come to the Woodside Deli. Our group was from NY, NJ, Pittsburg and we were sad DC is a “deli desert.”

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