Inclusion in the Workplace is Prioritized by That Smoothie Place as it Soft Opens Starting Today

by MCS Staff

Back in May we let you know about ‘That Smoothie Place’ coming to Damascus, taking over the location that was formerly home to Sprint in the Damascus shopping center at 9815 Main Street, suite 106. The store is soft opening starting today, Friday, December 9th, and it’s not just about healthy snacks at That Smoothie Place, where an inclusive workplace is prioritized.

Per That Smoothie Place: “Our store started as a small dream, a small food truck with big ideas and a focus on inclusivity. Only a year into opening our tiny smoothie truck, it gained popularity as word spread that our employees were indeed the center of our positive vibes. That began our journey to search for a storefront to expand and spread love and smoothies.

Having three children with special needs, conversations with God are a norm, as He’s our rock, our fortress, our strength, in whom we trust. In a moment where I normally would have led the conversation, I decided to be still and listen while He spoke. I heard – this is the start of more than just a smoothie place, it’s a community, it’s love, it’s acceptance.

On a beautiful day in Laytonsville, MD, God gave me a vision, and we’re following His lead. It took some time to accept what He wanted us to do, but as time progressed, and as everything started falling into place, piece by piece, we knew it was real, and that He was guiding us. He wanted us to start something that would give us the opportunity to serve others, as we’re intended. A need to serve a community that too often gets forgotten, but that is very much present.

We’re starting small, but with a grand concept. With God‘s guidance, in time, we hoped to expand. Our goal is to create a community of That Smoothie Places where we employ individuals with special needs. Giving them a sense of independence, where their gifts, talents, experience, and passion allows them to make a lasting contribution to their community.

With a simple smoothie, we are bringing something far beyond sipping on a cool healthy drink. We are building a foundation for change – Changing lives, hearts, ideas, and perceptions. So please, come and enjoy a positive happy environment with a delicious smoothie and a beautiful smile to compliment it.”

During this soft opening phase, the store will be open from 10am-9pm Mondays to Saturdays, and Sundays from 11am-7pm.  


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