Information About COVID-19 Random Screening Testing for MCPS Students

by Patrick Herron

Information About COVID-19 Random Screening Testing for MCPS Students

Montgomery County Public Schools sent the following letter out today discussing the random COVID-19 screens for students that will begin the week of September 13.

The individual screening test requires that families “opt-in” and consent for their children to be tested.


Dear MCPS Parents and Guardians,

One significant mitigation tactic Montgomery County Public Schools will use this fall is random COVID-19 screening tests for students in grades PreK through 6. MCPS, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Health, is offering COVID screening tests to students in these grades, at no cost.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends random asymptomatic COVID-19 testing because it detects and can limit the spread of the virus, even in the absence of visible symptoms. Currently, students 11 years and under are unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.  This is a significant reason for focusing our COVID screening test for this student population.

This individual screening test requires that families “opt-in” and consent for students to be tested. A random sample of students in these grades will be identified and tested on a weekly basis with parental consent. Fully vetted and authorized contractors, not MCPS staff, will administer the tests. The Opt-In form is necessary to allow your child to be a part of this testing process can be found here (LINK).

The information gathered on this form will only be shared with MCPS and the vendor, and will not be used for any other purpose. Testing is anticipated to begin the week of September 13. We are asking that families complete the consent form by September 8. Forms completed after September 8will be added to the screening test program as they are processed.

Thank you for partnering with MCPS to promote student safety as we return to in-person learning, five days per week.

Link to form (English)
Link to form (Spanish)


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