Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos Have Dinner in L.A., “Partnership Cemented in Bid to Buy Commanders”

by MCS Staff

TMZ, one of the biggest media websites specializing in celebrity news and entertainment, has reported that Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos had dinner together on Monday night and that the partnership to put in a bid to buy the Washington Commanders has been “cemented.”

TMZ previously reported on Thursday that “Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos, two of the most successful men in America, are interested in buying the Washington Commanders, in light of owner Dan Snyder’s interest in selling the NFL team, sources tell TMZ Sports.” Today’s report states “A Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos partnership to buy the Washington Commanders seems to be full throttle … because Monday night the two billionaires grabbed dinner in LA — breaking bread for more than two hours.”

Over the weekend Jay Glazer reported on Fox that Dan Snyder is indeed planning on selling the entire franchise, and not just selling a minority stake to raise funds for any debt or plans for a new stadium. Glazer also reports that the asking price is expected to be approximately $7 Billion, which would be a big return on the $800 million the team went for when Snyder bought the franchise in 1999. According to various reports, many feel the team will sell for the asking price and the Commanders will be under new ownership for the 2023 NFL season.

Yesterday it was reported that actor Matthew McConaughey is interested in either putting together or being a part of an investment group that puts a bid on the Washington Commanders. NBA superstar Kevin Durant also recently expressed interest in the team, telling ESPN he “would love to give a bit of my money to be part of the Commanders, but we’ll see.”


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