Jimmie Cone Prepares to Open for 61st Season

by MCS Staff

Aside from the last few days, the recent weather has been a reminder that spring is around the corner. Another reminder for many who grew up in MoCo is that March 17th means Jimmie Cone opens for the season. Jimmie Cone has been serving soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt in Damascus since 1962, which make this year its 61st season.

One of the reasons Jimmie Cone’s soft serve ice cream is loved by many could be because it is made with 10 percent butterfat, which is approximately twice as much as in McDonald’s and Dairy Queen soft serve. Cars usually pack the Damascus location on warmer days with long lines that move relatively quick.

Owners Dan and Bonnie Leiter bought Jimmie Cone in 1990 from Bill and Dorothy Harris,  who are the son and daughter-in-law of the original owner. In 1997, Jimmie Cone opened its second location in nearby Mount Airy. The Mount Airy location is a bit larger than the original Jimmie Cone. The two locations, 26420 Ridge Road in Damascus and 1312 S Main Street in Mt Airy, both offer chocolate, vanilla, and twist every day. Strawberry, Black Raspberry and Orange flavors rotate weekly, and are also available twisted with vanilla. Frozen yogurt is also offered—one fat free and one fat and sugar free—changing weekly.


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