Kaiser Permanente is Coming to Aspen Hill

Kaiser Permanente is Coming to Aspen Hill

A Kaiser Permanente Medical Center will be constructed at the intersection of Connecticut and Georgia Avenue, directly south of Home Depot. It will take over a property left vacant in 2010 by former defense contractor Vitro Corporation, which until recently has been used for law enforcement tactical training purposes.

In 2018, Lindsay Ford submitted an application to build a car dealership in that space, but it was never constructed.

The project proposal suggests that the 10-acre site will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 includes the development of a 130,000 square foot medical center with a 542-space parking lot and 63,144 square feet of open space. The open space will be occupied by a public green space plaza, a health and wellness trail, and a community garden.

Phase 2 includes the addition of a 50,000 square foot wing to the medical center, the construction of a parking garage to add additional spaces, and an expansion of the community garden and open space.

Construction is not yet underway, but the new medical facility is expected to open in 2022.

3D rendering courtesy of the Montgomery County Planning Department

By Alicia Clanton

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  1. How can you say that construction is not yet underway? It certainly is from where I sit.

  2. Isn’t there a Kaiser in that area?

    • The Vitro bldg is being removed slowly, due to asbestos. It’ll be a while before they begin construction on the new Kaiser Bldg.

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