Kanye West Qualifies As Write-In Candidate For President in Maryland

by MCS Staff

Kanye West has qualified as a write-in candidate for president on the 2020 Election Maryland ballot, the Maryland State Board of Elections and Kanye West confirmed last week.

In a general election, a voter can cast a write-in vote for a candidate whose name does not appear on the ballot. West’s name will not appear on the ballot, but any write-in vote for him will be tabulated and shared in the results of the election as opposed to a write-in vote for someone who has not qualified as a write-in candidate.

While many initially questioned the validity of his campaign, West released his first advertisement on his Twitter account on October 12th.

West spent a lot of his childhood in Takoma Park, where he would frequently visit his father. He would sometimes stay for weeks at a time and credited our area for his fashion sense, claiming Chicago was “always a year behind.”

Featured photo courtesy of Kanye West’s campaign ad.


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The Boo October 21, 2020 - 11:27 am

Teenagers that think this will be a detriment to Biden are all over the mentions in Twitter! Fact of the matter is that Biden wins Maryland in a landslide and this does not matter one bit. But this was entertaining LOL

Martin H. October 21, 2020 - 12:54 pm

I read about this in the Post and the Sun. Anyone mad about this thinks their candidate will be hurt by it and you are either 18 or not smart if you truly believe that.


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