KPOT Korean BBQ and Hot Pot Opens in Germantown on Sunday

by MCS Staff

Last summer we let you know that KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot will be opening a second MoCo location, in Germantown, following the 2018 opening of its Rockville location (the Rockville location is not associated with the Germantown location). KPot has taken over the space previously occupied by Honey Pig at 19727 Frederick Rd #1337. Honey Pig closed permanently in November of 2021 after five years at the location. KPOT has announced that it will officially open on Sunday, May 14th, via a sign on its door (photo below).

According to KPot, the restaurant was started by four friends from different backgrounds who decided to share their mixed cuisine over the same table. KPot combines traditional Asian hot pot with Korean BBQ flavors. Hot pot, also known as “soup-food” or “steamboat,” is a communal pot of simmering broth that is stuffed with raw ingredients like meat and vegetables to cook in the pot.

Per the KPot website: KPOT is for both the food adventurers and the social eaters. It’s about tasting the global spices and seasonings all while feeling a sense of community. It’s hot pot and Korean BBQ modernized with a full bar and nightlife atmosphere. But in the true spirit of those four friends, KPOT is mostly about gathering together for lively conversation over a feast of good food.


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