Local Baker And Street Vendor Team up For Mother’s Day Deal

by Patrick Herron

Local Baker And Street Vendor Team up For Mother’s Day Deal

Flancakes by Gaby has teamed up with a local street vendor named Macario for a special Mother’s Day promotion.

Gaby, who goes by “The FlanCake Queen”, started selling flan cakes from her home last year during the pandemic. Flan cake, also known as leche flan cake, is a hybrid of sponge cake and flan custard that is baked together and then topped with caramel.

You can find Macario most days selling flowers on Connecticut Avenue, as he’s been doing for many years.

“I’m excited to partner with our local street vendor, Macario, for our Mother’s Day sales. You may have seen him on the intersection of Randolph Rd & Connecticut Ave selling bouquets of flowers.

This dedicated 🇸🇻 Salvadoreño 🇸🇻 has been working heavy hours to support his family back home, I’ve seen it with my own eyes over the years. I’ve reached out to purchase flowers to include in our Mother’s Day sales. For every flancake ordered between May 5 – May 12, we are including a flower from MACARIO. 🍮🌹❤️

FlanCake prices will remain the same 🙏🏽”

Visit www.flancakebygaby.com for more info.


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