Local Middle School Teacher Has Spread Message of Love and Healing Through Thousands of ‘Meeps’ She Has Made Over the Last Four Years

by MCS Staff

Every week, Takoma Park Middle School teacher, Maura Moore, highlights one student in each of her classes that has done something noteworthy (kind to a classmate, shown perseverance with an academic struggle, exemplary work, etc.) by giving them a raffle ticket that could win the a students a “meep” to keep. A meep (photos below) is a crocheted emotional support orb. Moore started making the meeps in March of 2018 when she was going through a difficult time in her life and wanted to show that you could turn a tough time into something beautiful.

She made over 1,000 maps in a little over 6 months (approximately 250 of them were for staff and students). In the last 4 years she had made several thousand meeps, spending her own time and money, so that she can brighten other’s day. When she made her first meep, before it had a name, it was just a gesture to say to someone “I see you struggling, and I want you know I am here and I care.” Just this summer she made 600 of them and recently she has made meeps available for purchase through her website, AllYouMeepIsLove.com

Moore has been been pleasantly surprised at how many students find lost meeps and return them to her instead of keeping them. She feels that students go out of their way to demonstrate kind behavior in hopes of being awarded the “Meep of the Week.” Students know that if the meeps become a distraction in her class, or any other, they will be taken away, and in the last few years, staff and students at her school have all been supportive and big fans of meeps.

What started as the simple, cute, emotional support orbs have evolved into fuzzy meeps, meeps in a mug, meep boxes with holiday or movie related themes, stickers, and a lot more. Moore told us she’d even like to eventually write a children’s book about meeps to help demonstrate how useful they’ve been for so many. “I want everyone to know that things can get better” Moore told us, and the meeps are a symbol that.


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