Look out for MCDOT’s Painted Snowplows (if it ever snows)

by MCS Staff

MCDOT held its first Paint the Plow Middle School Snowplow Naming Contest this past May, in honor of “Public Works Week.” There were 14 entries from local middle school students. If there’s plowable snow this winter, you may see the painted plows in action. The contest is free for schools and is a unique and fun way to introduce middle school students to some of the work done by MCDOT. The decorated plows are a part of MCDOT’s snow-clearing fleet and are used in neighborhoods the following winter.

The contest will run again this spring. Community members can visit MCDOT’s family-friendly “Truck Day” on Saturday, May 20 at the County Salt Barn, on Crabbs Branch Way in Gaithersburg, to cast their vote on the most creative painted plow. Last year’s winners and all entries can be seen online here.


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