Magruder High School Renovation Expected to be Completed August 2029

by MCS Staff

Magruder High School’s “major capital project” renovation has been delayed two years, but is expected to be completed by August 2029, according to the latest MCPS Capital Improvement Program (CIP)/Master Plan. Relocatable classrooms will also be utilized at Mill Creek Towne Elementary school in the Magruder High School.

Per the CIP, to address various building systems and programmatic needs for Magruder High School (5939 Muncaster Mill Rd), a major capital project is planned. Expenditures for this project are included in the Major Capital Projects—Secondary and an appropriation will be requested for planning funds in a future CIP. Due to fiscal constraints, the County Council, in the adopted FY2023- 2028 CIP, delayed this project two years. This project is now scheduled for completion in August 2029.

Projections indicate that enrollment will exceed capacity at Mill Creek Towne Elementary School (17700 Park Mill Dr) by the end of the six- year planning period. An FY 2021 appropriation was approved for facility planning to conduct a feasibility study for a possible addition to this school and identify a scope and cost for the project. Relocatable classrooms will be utilized until additional capacity can be added.


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