Man Shot and Killed Friday Evening on Baileys Court in Aspen Hill 

Man Shot and Killed Friday Evening on Baileys Court in Aspen Hill

A man was shot and killed Friday, September 3rd around 4:30PM on Baileys Court, off of Norbeck Rd in Aspen Hill. According to police, the victim was reportedly shot in the upper body and pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect was immediately detained by an off-duty officer who was only a few blocks away when the incident occurred.  Police are saying that it was not a random crime and  that it is being ruled a homicide.

The victim and the shooter have not been identified and no additional information has been released at this time.

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  2. Isn’t it wonderful – these results from public housing being forced on nice communities by politicians? The murderer lived in one of the HOC (Housing Opportunity Commission) houses on that court. The HOC units there are regularly crack houses, places of murder, etc. The politicians don’t care because they and their families don’t live there. But at least we can all feel good about ourselves by treating people like they are pets, insisting that they aren’t capable of knowing enough to have responsibility and work for a living. Yea, us!!! Well, innocent dead people do occur but, whatever…

  3. Isabella Martinez | September 4, 2021 at 12:25 pm | Reply

    Thank you, Montgomery County politicians, for making these things so possible with your free housing for criminals programs. Aren’t you glad that you don’t live in the neighborhoods that you are destroying? Maybe you should move into one of the neighborhoods to see what havoc your programs wreak on hard working, honest, people and families in them?

  4. Where is the evidence if this is a low income area, and why does it matter ? A man loss he’s life. Also, many people live this area and call it home. You’re opinion about politicians and demeaning people isn’t necessary. Get a life !!!

  5. Some of these comments are just terrible. Everyone on HOC aren’t bad people. Evidently, everyone that owns their home aren’t good people either.

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