Many Questions Remain Unanswered After Teen’s Death in Rockville

by Cordell Pugh

Many questions remain unanswered after a teen suddenly died while walking at Montgomery College’s Rockville Campus Sunday night.

Around 10:30PM Sunday Night, members of the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, and Montgomery County Police responded to Montgomery College’s Rockville Campus (51 Mannakee Street). Responders found 1 teen critically injured and 1 EMS Provider was also injured on scene.

Electric crews were on the scene Sunday night, though it was not clear if electric shock played a role in the teen’s death and the EMS provider’s injury. The teen’s cause of death will be determined by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME).

In 2017, Montgomery College installed new “Gateway Signage” around the Rockville Campus’ Mannakee Street entrance. This project incorporated several elements of lighting and electronic digital display signage. Sunday’s incident occurred immediately around the Mannakee Street entrance, though it is not yet known what role the electronic components played in the teen’s injury.

In 2018, a 6-year-old girl was critically injured when she was shocked by malfunctioning handrail lighting at MGM National Harbor. There, a Security Guard was also shocked by the same handrail while responding to the girl’s injury.





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