March 5th Jollibee Update (Opening Postponed)


March 5th Jollibee Update

Westfield Wheaton has posted on their social media accounts that Jollibee is working “extremely hard to bring you a jolly grand opening” and will make an announcement seven days before their “official opening date.”.

Back on February 20th, Jollibee had announced it would be opening the first week of March.

Originally scheduled to open in December 2020, the opening has been pushed back multiple times due to the pandemic.

The Filipino fast food chain has over 1,300 locations worldwide and offers a items such as Chicken Joy (a fried chicken dish), the Yumburger (the house burger), Jolly spaghetti (a sweet spaghetti dish that includes ground beef, hot dog pieces, and ham), and many other products that are a mix between traditional Filipino fare and American-influenced cuisine.

We will share the exact date when we have it.


6 Comments on "March 5th Jollibee Update (Opening Postponed)"

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  2. How long do they take to open a simple store? Are they using a pandemic as an excuse?

  3. I saw the sign for Jollibee and I drove out of my way to find it! Imagine my disappointment when it was still closed. Upon Googling, not yet opened from December!

    I really hope they are open soon! It would be nice to try the world famous Jollibee, and I have no plans to head to the Philippines soon!

  4. Using the pandemic as an excuse? Poor planning? Wow, people are too entitled these days. IF you think it’s that easy to open up a store, why don’t you open up one yourselves? Be THANKFUL there is one opening in the area, just not as soon as everybody would like it to be. Oh well…

  5. Google shows its scheduled to open Apr 8.

  6. Remember these are Filipinos! Not known for their organization skills or being punctual!!!

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