Marc Elrich Unveils MoCo’s $6.0B Budget Recommendations

by Patrick Herron

Marc Elrich Unveils MoCo’s $6.0B Budget Recommendations

This week Marc Elrich released Montgomery County’s 2022 budget proposal, which includes the removal of School Resource Officers.

In the proposal, 46.6% of the $6B will go towards Montgomery County Public Schools.

While the police budget is being increased over last year, Elrich said he’d like to remove 29 positions from the department and use those funds towards social programs.

In an interview with FOX5, Councilmember Will Jawando said “We have a SRO in every high school. We don’t have a school psychologist in every high school. So I think there’s more to do in those wrap-around services. But to the point of moving in the direction of ending the disproportionate harm that’s happening in the form of arrest for students of color, students with disabilities, this is a good step in the right direction. And now we just have to follow-through with this more holistic approach.”

On public safety, the budget proposal states, “We will address crime and pedestrian safety issues and seek input from communities across the county on ways to address these issues. We plan to enhance opportunities for walking, biking, and creating neighborhood gathering places.

You can download the full 815 page document here.


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DRL January 23, 2022 - 9:43 am

Our kids have graduated and we Just bought a condo in Florida. The taxes we are saving literally will pay for this new home in 8.5 years free and clear according to our accountant. Taxes are going to RISE AND RISE with Elrich and the new MD Governor once budget-minded Hogan finishes office. I cannot tell you how many friends of our have already changed residency out of here. Now our turn


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