Maryland Covid Vaccine Update by Governor Hogan


Maryland Covid Vaccine Update by Governor Hogan

Governor Hogan provided an update on vaccinations in Maryland this morning, via Twitter.

“Maryland providers have now administered 152,129 first doses of #COVID19 vaccines, and 15,612 new doses have been reported in the past 24 hours. 99.8% of the doses allocated to Maryland have been delivered directly to providers.”

“Our hospitals and health systems have now administered 97,829 (48.6%) of the doses they have received.”

“Local health departments have now administered 34,256 (49.6%) of the doses they have received.”

Governor Hogan provided updated phases in his 1/5 press conference, which can be seen here.

In an unrelated press conference today at 1pm, Governor Hogan will be making an announcement regarding redistricting reform.

He tweeted “Maryland is notorious for having some of the most gerrymandered districts in the nation, but we believe that voters should choose their representatives—not the other way around.”

You will be able to watch it live on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.


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  1. And yet in Tennessee, South Carolina and Missouri, they are already starting to administer the vaccine to the general public.

    Yet here we are farting around with only 50% administered? What a bunch of worthless turds.

    You vote these morons, you got these morons moco.

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