Maryland is 2022’s ‘5th Best State for Police Officers’, According to WalletHub Study

by MCS Staff

Personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2022’s Best & Worst States to Be a Police Officer. Maryland was ranked 5th overall in the report, behind Connecticut, California, Illinois, and the District of Columbia.

Per the report, “Law enforcement is a career that is always in the public eye, whether for heroic reasons or scandal. Currently, our nation’s 800,000 law enforcement officers have even more of a spotlight than usual, though. To start, for the past two years they have been in charge of enforcing COVID-19 restrictions. In addition, there have been quite a few recent high-profile police brutality cases, including officers found guilty for federal civil rights violations leading up to the death of George Floyd. President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech also called for the nation to “fund the police” with better training and resources.”

In order to determine the best states to pursue a career in law enforcement, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 30 key indicators of police-friendliness. The data set ranges from the median income for law-enforcement officers to police deaths per 1,000 officers to state and local police-protection expenses per capita.

Life & Work for Cops in Maryland (1=Best; 25=Avg.):

  • 16th – Median Income for Law-Enforcement Officers (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
  • 25th – Median Income Growth for Law-Enforcement Officers
  • 28th – Violent-Crime Rate
  • 5th – State & Local Police-Protection Expenses per Capita
  • 5th – Police Deaths per 1,000 Officers

Source: WalletHub

Note: “Law-enforcement officers” includes police and sheriff’s patrol officers, detectives and criminal investigators.

For the full report, please visit:

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