Maryland Opens Pre-Registration to Phase 3 Today and More Notes From Governor Hogan’s 4/1 Press Conference


Maryland Opens Pre-Registration to Phase 3 Today and More Notes From Governor Hogan’s 4/1 Press Conference

Notes are paraphrased.

• MD has administered 2,760,176 Covid19 vaccines. More than 140,000 in past 48 hours. Average is over 57,000 shots per day.

• MD is doing sequencing testing for variants at one of the highest levels in the country. There have been 677 cases of Covid19 variants in Maryland (86% are the UK variant)

• Variants are driving an increase in new infections and hospitalizations, particularly among younger people. In MD there has been a similar increase, primarily in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

• Governor Hogan encourages everyone continue wearing masks.

• The statewide masking order remains in full force and effect.

• Governor Hogan advises against travel to states with high rates and encourages testing once you return if you did travel.

• MD Department of Health is requiring all county health officers to submit finalized equity plans by Monday, April 5.

• MD Department of Health will also provide each county with a targeted list of underserved zip codes and specific congregate facilities to focus on.

• Effective today, MD is immediately opening pre-registration to Phase 3. Everyone age 16 and up can pre-register for an appointment at a mass vax site.

• Anyone eligible under Phase 1 and Phase 2 will continue to be prioritized for appointments.

• Mass vax site opened in MoCo (Germantown) and will transition to state-run site next week.

• Baltimore County mass vax site will open at MD state fairgrounds and at Frederick Community College and Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Anne Arundel County the week after that.

• “We still recommend that the best way to ensure you get a vaccine at any of our sites is to pre-register and schedule an appointment.”


12 Comments on "Maryland Opens Pre-Registration to Phase 3 Today and More Notes From Governor Hogan’s 4/1 Press Conference"

  1. That’s why we should be shut down for a while because things is not got any better and Governor Hogan knows this to be safe with families and kids and everything that’s my opinion not that we don’t want to work and pay our bills but till things get better so please Hogan please shut down for a while till things gets a little bit better for other people’s safety I understand you probably don’t have any kids but there’s millions and billions out here that does thank you

  2. Get bent Hogan. I don’t want to hear anything from you other than masks are no longer required. It’s been a year of this bs and you keep doubling down on insanity. Masks off Maryland! Impeach Hogan.

    • Cosmosisjones | April 2, 2021 at 9:38 am | Reply

      What a horrible idea. Yeah, let’s just make things worse for ourselves… How foolish can you be? This virus is capable of wiping us out. It needs to be taken seriously. A mask isn’t going to kill you, but the virus will especially if everyone isn’t vaccinated. Also we have a Brazil variant to worry about that vaccines at this time aren’t 100% effective against. Why is it so hard for some people to care about the health and safety of our fellow man? Stop being an idiot… Continue to wear a mask and social distance.

    • Where have you’ve been? Another planet? Look at everything that’s going around the world. You are a very selfish person with no regards for other people’s lives.

    • Amen!

  3. I think Governor Hogan is doing a great job Marylanders continue to mask up and get your vaccination this the only way to beat this disease!

  4. Masks are a form of control…research their efficacy . Cases are up because people are getting the “vaccine”. Governor Hogan you need to do the right thing and open the state up completely. Texas as one example, is not having an increase in cases as are other unmasked states.

  5. Masks are not a form of Control. You are just being selfish.

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