Maryland: Winter Turkey Season Opens Across Maryland January 19

by MCS Staff

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announces the opening of the winter turkey season, which runs statewide from Jan. 19-21 for hunters who did not harvest a turkey during the 2022 fall season. Hunting hours are from one half-hour before sunrise to one half-hour after sunset. The bag limit is one turkey of either sex. “Although wild turkeys are common throughout much of the state, populations have greatly increased in certain areas,” Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto said. “The population growth over the last decade in the central region has been remarkable. The winter season can provide an exciting opportunity to get outdoors during a time of year when other hunting seasons are coming to a close.”

During the winter turkey season, hunters may only use shotguns loaded with No. 4 shot or smaller, crossbows, vertical bows, or air guns that shoot arrows or bolts. Hunters are reminded that it is illegal to hunt turkeys with the aid of bait. Hunters are required to check in their harvest via phone at 888-800-0121, online, or via the department’s mobile app. The Maryland Guide to Hunting and Trapping provides information about winter turkey hunting, including season open dates and regulations.

Per the Maryland Department of Natural Resources


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