Matt Hilburn, Man Behind “Unsuck DC Metro”, Has Died

by MCS Staff

Matt Hilburn, the man behind the “Unsuck DC Metro” Twitter account and self-proclaimed Metro Lover Hater, has died at 54, according to a report by Washingtonian. Unsuck DC Metro began as a blog in 2009, but became almost exclusive to Social media (mainly Twitter and Facebook until the Facebook page was deleted in late 2021), with just four blog posts in the last 9 years compared to constant activity on Twitter as recently as late last week.

Per a 2019 DCist report, “The Unsuck D.C. Metro blog and social media account began a decade ago as one of the few ways that residents could learn about delays and other issues on the WMATA rail system.” Hilburn remained anonymous as the account continued providing updates, but also began to criticize Metro, Metro employees, and even passengers primarily through curated retweets and reposts of others doing the same as the account grew in popularity.

Unsuck DC Metro became the go-to place on the internet to report something going wrong on anything Metro-related. The Twitter account reached over 80k follows and the Facebook page had over 20k prior to the page being removed when Hilburn deleted Facebook in December 2021. “Permanently deleted Facebook. Man, that feels great.” Hillburn tweeted from the UnsuckDCMetro account on December, 15, 2021.

Per his obituary, shared by @FixWMATA, Matthew Paul Hilburn, age 54, of Arlington, Virginia passed away on Sunday, July 17, 2022. Matthew was born March 7, 1968. @FixWMATA also shared the following message about Hillburn.


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