MCDOT Congratulates Ride On “Bus Roadeo” Winners

by MCS Staff

On Saturday, Sept. 24, Ride On held its annual competitive Bus Roadeo at the Safety Training Academy in Gaithersburg. Annually, Ride On hosts a Bus Roadeo event where bus operators competitively show off their driving skills.

Bus operators are judged by their ability to successfully maneuver around 11 obstacles within seven minutes. Operators are also judged on personal appearance, smoothness of operations, their knowledge of Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, safety habits and how they perform a pre-trip bus inspection.

The event is part of an International Bus Roadeo competition hosted by the American Public Transportation Association. A grand prize is given to the bus transit system with the highest composite bus operation and bus maintenance score.

Individual Winners:

  • First Place: Joash Were, Gaithersburg Operator
  • Second Place: Guillermo Vasquez, Gaithersburg Operator
  • Third Place: Melba Chavarria, Gaithersburg Operator

Team Winners: 

  • First Place: Safety and Training Team “5 Keys” (Anthony Myers, Chasity Vodopia. Malik Hussain)
  • Second Place: Gaithersburg Team “Ride On Royals” (Joash Were, Guillermo Vasquez, Calvin Callender)
  • Third Place: UFCW-Union Team “Defending Champs” (Raymond Lee, Bernadette Hope, Melba Chavarria)
  • Fourth Place: Silver Sprint Team “Forever Rich” (Marcus McCrimmon, Hailu Fenta, Lamettra Johnson)

View videos and pictures from the event here.


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