MCPS Anticipates and is Preparing for an Extended Closure


MCPS anticipates and is expecting an extended closure, per a letter sent to the community today.

“ While state officials have only announced a two-week emergency closure at this time, we are anticipating and actively preparing for the very real possibility of an extended closure. We expect to hear from our state officials in the coming days. Our preparation includes designing plans for innovative, remote student instruction (continuity of learning) that uses multiple tools (for example, online, TV and telephone and hard copy packets) to provide teaching and learning. We are also gathering and finalizing distribution plans for digital devices that will help ensure our students can fully engage in this new model. These devices will be prioritized for students in need.”

Full message available here.


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  2. Tiffany VASWANi | March 22, 2020 at 5:23 am | Reply

    We do not have a lap top or computer at home. Im a single mom of 3 and on ssdi. Please help. I have no money right now. Flat broke. And awaiting cov19 results. Please advise my children are 15 and 11 yrs of age. The third is just my 11 month old.

  3. Parents need a lead time to make arrangements! Tell us what’s going on! Meanwhile other school system have already decided what their doing, MCPS has to get their act together.
    Our children are at risk! Close schools.

  4. Just cancel the rest of the school year already. This virus isn’t gonna die down until late June or july and mcps is gonna break the quarantine if they let kids back to school

  5. MCPS needs to WAKE and closed schools until at LEAST mid April, possibly the end of April.

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