MCPS Community Letter on Free COVID-19 Testing for Students

by Patrick Herron

Per Montgomery County Public Schools:

Dear MCPS Community,

Thank you to the many families who have provided consent for their children to receive free COVID-19 testing at their schools. Testing is an important tool to help keep schools open and students and staff safe. We need families at all levels to “Say Yes to the Test.”  The more families that “Say Yes,” the more effective our testing program will be. The testing will help identify more cases and reduce the number of students in quarantine.

One form allows you to opt in, or give permission, for your child to participate. Two types of tests are available and they are fast, safe and painless. A cotton swab is used on the front part of the nose. The tests are:

  • Weekly screening tests for random samples of students with no COVID-19 symptoms. Currently scheduled to be in all elementary and middle schools by the end of the week
  • Rapid tests for students with COVID-19 symptoms. These tests are given while students are in school. Currently in all schools

The consent form is available in multiple languages and can be filled out online or schools can provide paper copies for families.

The tests are an important part of MCPS’ plan to keep students learning in school, five days a week, and to keep our community safe. Learn more about what MCPS is doing and how everyone can do their part.


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