MCPS: New Health Education Requirement Beginning with Class of 2025

by Patrick Herron

Per Montgomery County Public Schools:

The Maryland State Board of Education recently changed its graduation requirement for health education. Students must now earn one full credit for graduation; previously, they earned one half-credit. This requirement begins with the Class of 2025. The health education curriculum team in the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Schools is developing a new Health Education B class that all students will take following Health Education A.

The Health Education B course will provide students time to develop health literacy skills, such as decision-making, self-management and advocacy. The course will also delve into health concepts, including mental and emotional health, substance abuse prevention, safety and violence prevention, and disease prevention and control.

Health Education A and Health Education B will be offered as honors-level courses in all high schools. There will no longer be on-level versions of these courses.

Students, including rising ninth grade students, may take Health A in summer school this summer. Health B will be available in the fall of 2022. MCPS health teachers will receive training on the new course this summer.

Online Education Health B will be available through MCPS Student e-Learning outside the school day, in the fall of 2023, and as a central summer school course in the summer of 2024. High schools may offer Health B as part of their local summer school program beginning in summer 2023.


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Concerned Parent April 3, 2022 - 5:49 pm

How is the class of 2025 who already have tight course plans for their high school going to fit this in. Health is historically a summer school activity for most students and it will not be available to the class of 2025 until the summer before they graduate. Not a lot of thought went into this, but what do expect from the student member of the board. This is ridiculous.


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