MCPS Students in Phase 1 Return to School Today, March 15th

by Patrick Herron

MCPS Students in Phase 1 Return to School Today, March 15th

Two weeks after the first group of Montgomery County Public School students returned to the classroom, students in Group 1.1 of MCPS’s Phase 1 who opted to return to in-person learning, returned to school this morning.

Group 1.1 includes:
Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
Special Education Programs
Specific Career and Technical Programs
Alternative Education Programs

Group 1.2, which includes grads 4-6 and grade 12, are expected to be back in schools by April 6th.

According to MCPS, “The Board is considering options that will allow MCPS to speed up the current timeline for the return of student groups. If the March 15 return of students is successful, MCPS is proposing that groups 2.1 and 2.2 be combined and both groups start a phased-return by April 19., The Board will discuss and vote on this proposal at its March 23 meeting.”

You can read the March 12th MCPS Community Update here.


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