MCPS to Move to Pass/Incomplete for 4th Quarter (Secondary Students)

MCPS announced today that it will move to a Pass/Incomplete or Credit/No Credit grading system for the remainder of the year for secondary students.

In middle and high schools, a traditional letter grade system will not be used for the 4th Marking Period. MCPS is developing a grading and reporting framework for secondary schools that is commonly known as “Pass/Incomplete” or “Credit/No Credit” for the remainder of the year. We believe that this grading approach will ensure fairness and equity for all students, while also engaging students in the curriculum, providing meaningful feedback, and tracking their progress. We are currently working with stakeholders (teachers, parents, students and union leaders) to ensure a smooth transition to this system and ensure that teachers and students understand the criteria for success. We understand that there will be many questions about implications of this grading approach, and those questions will be answered. But we believe that traditional grading practices will not best serve all students and a more universal approach is needed. More information about implementation of this system, including how the final semester grade will be reported on transcripts, will be provided in the coming weeks.

Elementary Students
Letter grades will not be assigned for the 4th Marking Period. The emphasis will be on engaging students in learning experiences and connecting with and engaging as many students as possible. To ensure students are progressing and meeting learning objectives, we will:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to engage in a variety of learning experiences
  • Follow up with students and their parents/guardians in identified areas of concern
  • Engage students in academic and social-emotional work
  • Provide teachers with information so that students return to school, they will know  which skills to work on, and how to engage them in learning at the next grade level.

Full update can be found here.

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