MCPS “Try-Athlon” Winners Announced

by MCS Staff

During the Try-Athlon, this fall’s physical activity challenge, nearly 5,000 MCPS employees picked three health goals, set measurable objectives and implemented a plan for reaching them. They took part in a variety of physical activities to compete for prizes, and more importantly, to adopt or maintain healthy lifestyles. Each of the top 15 schools averaged at least 75 minutes of physical activity per employee per day.

Grand prize winners are as follows:

Team Grand Prize: Each of the top 15 teams with the most average activity time throughout the 100-day challenge received a $500 grant to promote wellness in their schools, offices or depots. They are:

  • RMS PE (Ridgeview Middle School)
  • Got the Runs? (Julius West Middle School)
  • The Leftovers (A. Mario Loiederman Middle School)
  • Phranky Phitness & Co (Harmony Hills Elementary School)
  • DHS Hornet Walkers 23 (Damascus High School)
  • Chafing the Dream! (Julius West Middle School)
  • Red Hot Chili Steppers (Central Services)
  • JWMS Admin Team (Julius West Middle School)
  • Fit Firsties (Harmony Hills Elementary School)
  • Ridgeview B Team (Ridgeview Middle School)
  • Tri-Flippers (Rosa Parks Middle School)
  • Dirty Spoon Barbeque Factory and Luxury Meat Emporium (Central Services)
  • The Home Team (Central Services)
  • Slackers (Julius West Middle School)
  • Danger Pinatas (Lathrop E. Smith Environmental Education Center)

Golden Sneaker Team Prize: In addition to a grant, the top team overall with the most average miles throughout the 100-day challenge has won the Golden Sneaker Trophy and bragging rights until the next challenge. The winner is:

  • Got the Runs? (Julius West Middle School)

School Grand Prize: Each of the top 15 schools with the most average activity time throughout the 100-day challenge received a $500 grant to be used for physical education equipment or to support staff wellness. They are:

  • Lathrop E. Smith Environmental Education Center
  • Julius West Middle School
  • Mario Loiederman Middle School
  • Harmony Hills Elementary School
  • Rosemary Hills Elementary School
  • Bells Mill Elementary School
  • Bayard Rustin Elementary School
  • Rosa Parks Middle School
  • Ritchie Park Elementary School
  • Burnt Mills Elementary School
  • Wyngate Elementary School
  • William H. Farquhar Middle School
  • Cloverly Elementary School
  • Ridgeview Middle School
  • Damascus High School

Although the Try-Athlon challenge has ended, the challenge continues. Well Aware’s next physical activity challenge will begin in the spring. Look for details in future issues of Well Aware eNews and The Bulletin and on the Well Aware webpage. In the meantime, the Well Aware Fitness Logcontinues to provide a resource for you to track your physical activity and diet.


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