MDOT Warns Residents of Scam

by MCS Staff

MDOT (Maryland Department of Transportation) sent an email this morning alerting residents of an ongoing text scam.

They address the scam in the email below, sent out this morning:

“If you have received a text from “Maryland-MDot Urgent” addressing “MDot customer” with a link, please ignore the text. This text was not sent by any agency associated with the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), including the MDOT Motor Vehicle Administration. It is SPAM and has been reported to MDOT’s IT Department.

DO NOT click on the link and DELETE the message.

If you did open it and clicked the link, for information on identity theft and ways to protect your identity, see Maryland Attorney General’s ID Theft page for help:

MDOT and its business units would not ask customers to provide this personal information in this way. We take the privacy our customers and their personal information very seriously.




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Lanee Curry January 25, 2022 - 5:09 pm

Facebook accounts Cynthia Collins is using a fraud fake you in Federal organization representation to get people’s full name address and a copy front and back of your drivers license this need to be reported in trapped they actually My dead uncle wife Darlene Hill From messenger to contact me and then they had Cynthia Collins that I’m supposedly been talking to for over 45 minutes this need to be investigated.


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