Metro to Begin Three-Month Closure to Replace Aging Platform Canopy at Rockville, with Additional Station Improvements to Shady Grove Starting September 11

by MCS Staff

Red Line customers are reminded that beginning Saturday, September 11 and continuing through Saturday, December 4, Metro will close the Rockville and Shady Grove stations for the demolition and replacement of the canopy over the Rockville Station platform.


As part of the project, additional customer improvements will be made to the platform canopy,  including brighter, more efficient LED lights, an upgraded speaker system for station announcements, larger and more Passenger Information Displays (PIDS) and new closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

The closures, first announced last fall, will allow Metro to do the work more safely and efficiently by working continuously to complete the project in less than three months. Doing the same work on weekends and overnights would have taken years.

During construction of the Rockville canopy, Metro will utilize the closure to also perform work at Shady Grove Station, including canopy repairs and completion of the new mezzanine stairway. Additionally, with the tracks out of service Metro will perform safety critical track work, radio cable installation and other state-of-good repair maintenance.

Full details about the Rockville Canopy Replacement Project, including information on free shuttle bus service and Red Line rail service during the station closures, are listed below and available at

Customer information (September 11 – December 4):


  • No rail service at Shady Grove and Rockville.
  • Free shuttle buses replace trains:
    • Local service with stops at Shady Grove, Rockville and Twinbrook stations, every 10 minutes when the Metrorail system is open.
    • Express service between Shady Grove and Twinbrook, between 4:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. weekdays only, every 5 minutes during peak periods, 10 minutes off-peak.
  • Shady Grove and Rockville customers should consider parking at Twinbrook or White Flint as an alternative. Visit for more information about parking availability.
  • Amtrak and MARC service will continue to operate during construction with no service disruptions at Rockville.

Parking and Bus Relocation


  • The bus loop on the west side of Rockville is closed and buses relocated to Rockville Pike and the west Kiss & Ride Lot, which is closed to passenger vehicles.
  • Customers should use the east Kiss & Ride Lot during this time to pick-up and drop-off.
  • The parking lots at the station will remain open during construction. Due to the Surface Parking Lot Improvement Project, there may be limited parking in the Park & Ride.

Shady Grove

  • The West Kiss & Ride Lot is closed to provide shuttle bus service.
  • Customers should use the east Kiss & Ride Lot during this time for pick-up and drop-off.

About the Rockville Canopy Replacement Project

Metro’s Rockville Canopy Replacement Project will replace the aging canopy structure over the platform at Rockville Station and make additional customer improvements. More information is available at, including a multi-lingual communications toolkit for organizations to share the service changes with the community.

Metro’s Capital Improvement Program

Metro is investing in system safety, reliability and the region’s economy through its capital program, which is funding repairs and replacements of platform canopies across the region. These efforts ensure platform structures are in a state of good repair while providing a safe and reliable experience for Metro customers.


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