Minor Updates in NWS Maps for Early Friday Snow

by MCS Staff

The National Weather Service has made some last minute updates and has put out new maps for the storm expected to arrive in a couple hours.

In the latest updates you’ll see the top third and bottom third of MoCo in the 3-4” range with central MoCo in the 2-3” range.

The reasonable worst case scenario map now shows a maximum of 5 inches for all of MoCo and the low end amount shows 2 inches.

MCPS has already announced a 2 hour delay with a reassessment by 5am. This means that if the snow that’s supposed to come early Friday morning seems to have caused hazardous conditions, a decision to close schools could be made.

A decision to go back to a full day is not something that could happen, so tomorrow will either remain a 2 hour delay or get changed to a closure.

Here are a few possibilities:

1. The storm comes in around midnight and drops 2-3 inches and is finished by around 5am.

2. The storm comes through a little faster than expected and drops a quick inch or two before moving out of the area by 4am.

3. The storm arrives and drops 3-5 inches, continuing to snow past 5am.

In my opinion, option 2 is the only one that could lead to the 2 hour delay call sticking as there are no guarantees the roads/sidewalks/parking lots can be cleared in time with the other options.

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